Internet Safety Strategy green paper

Posted by Policyhubadmin on 23 October 2017


BCS are preparing an Organisational response to the Government’s  'Internet Safety Strategy - green paper'


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BCS will focus its response on the following green paper sections:


Section 4: ‘Our Strategic Response’

Section 5: ‘Working with industry to make online environments safer for all users’

Section 6: ‘How can technology improve online safety for all users’

Section 7: ‘Supporting children, parents and carers’

Section 8: ‘Responding to online harms’


The sections referenced in the question set can be found here. 


Section 8 refers to various Acts which legislate against online harm and harassment, if you are not familiar with the Acts you can access them via the links below. However no questions are mandatory so please do not feel as if you must respond to every question.


Malicious Communications Act 1988


Computer Misuse Act 1990


Protection from Harassment Act 1997


The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994


Section 15 Sexual Offences Act 2003 (for grooming)


Breach of the Peace (common law offence)


Communications Act 2003



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by Alan Pollard

I have a general comment about the document. It quite rightly emphasises the dangers to children but, in my opinion, does not fully recognise that even adults can be "childlike" in their use of technology - especially social media. It is insufficient to rely on banks, financial institutions, commercial enterprises and public websites to provide secure ACCESS. There also needs to be a much more public promotion of safe USAGE addressing all sections of the community especially the elderly.

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