Algorithms in Decision - making inquiry launched

Posted by Policyhubadmin on 3 April 2017

The Science and Technology Committee is launching a new inquiry into the use of algorithms in public and business decision making.

In an increasingly digital world, algorithms are being used to make decisions in a growing range of contexts. From decisions about offering mortgages and credit cards to sifting job applications and sentencing criminals, the impact of algorithms is far reaching.

How an algorithm is formulated, its scope for error or correction, the impact it may have on an individual—and their ability to understand or challenge that decision—are increasingly relevant questions.

This topic was pitched to the Committee by Dr Stephanie Mathisen (Sense about Science) through the Committee's 'My Science Inquiry' open call for inquiry suggestions, and has been chosen as the first subject for the Committee's attention following that process. It follows the Committee’s recent work on Robotics and AI, and its call for a standing Commission on Artificial Intelligence.

For more information on the consultation please click here  we welcome your comments to assist in shaping our response.

To view the draft document please click

 it would be helpful if all major comments could be submitted by the 16th April in order to incorporate in the final copy.

Consultation closed
Closed on: 
Wednesday, 19 April 2017