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Smart Metering Rollout Strategy

26 March 2015
Closed on: 
Thursday, 23 April 2015
The government’s main priority for the Smart Metering implementation programme is for suppliers to commence a rollout of SMETS2 meters following DCC Live. DCC Live is scheduled for 2016 and will open the gateway for a significant majority of the benefits of smart metering. These are expected to be delivered through the installation, enrolment and operation of SMETS2 meters operated through the DCC and it is important to ensure that the benefits that SMETS2 meters offer are realised as soon as possible.

Conducting privacy impact assessments code of practice

19 September 2013
Closed on: 
Wednesday, 23 October 2013
The new code of practice on conducting privacy impact assessments (PIAs) is intended to replace the current PIA Handbook. The aim of the new code is to produce a practical guide which will help organisations conduct assessments of new projects that involve the use of personal information. The code explains the key principles behind a PIA and suggests how a PIA can be integrated with an organisation’s project and risk management processes.
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