Accessible Technology Charter adds new signatories

Accessible Technology Charter adds new signatories

by Policyhubadmin

The Accessible Technology Charter continues to gather new signatures, with BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and the Greater London Authority both expressing their commitment to make accessibility an integral part of their ICT strategy.

Karen Tuck, Policy Manager for BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT said: “BCS... is committed to embedding the principles of accessibility in our organisation and we feel that by signing the Accessible Technology Charter we will be able to demonstrate this to our staff, members and customers. The benefits of ensuring accessible technology are clear and our aim is to ensure our workforce talent and productivity is maximised and our customer experience is optimised”.

David Munn, Head of GLA Information Technology also said: “We did this because we wanted to show our commitment to ensuring disabled individuals have access to appropriate technology to support them in their work, and in accessing our services. Signing the Accessible Technology Charter represents a public declaration of our commitment to IT accessibility and to following best practice in the in the use and procurement of such systems and technology.”

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