BCS & EEMA UK Thought Leadership Seminar

BCS & EEMA UK Thought Leadership Seminar

by Policyhubadmin

“How is eID Enabling Business Growth?”
The Challenges & Opportunities

E-commerce has long been a key driver for growth in the UK, as more and more devices become available and customers become more familiar and comfortable using digital channels, the features and functionality they will expect and demand will evolve and mature, this obviously raises the need for more reliable means of securing and protecting the identity credentials of the individual.

e-businesses need to reassess their approach to e-commerce. Online suppliers that are committed to taking e-commerce strategy to the next level need to provide a seamless multichannel customer experience to avoid missing out but are being hampered by the lack of trustworthy and secure means of identification.

UK businesses are also being disadvantaged in their ability to compete with competitors, often in mainland Europe, the Middle East and Asia, who have an established, and internationally recognised identity structure.

A well-formed eID strategy and policy would help put the UK in the global premier league, it’s been estimated that this would create around 600,000 ICT jobs in four years, with the UK being transformed into a global hub for creative industries – something which is impossible at the present time because although we have creativity in buckets, we are unable to deliver it effectively.

We have reached a phase in our growth that the speed of ICT advances is moving faster than citizens can hope to keep pace with, which provides an opportunity and advantage to Cyber criminals that the authorities are unable to adequately combat, an implemented eID policy would go some way to combatting Cybercrime.

This annual one day seminar will be invaluable for delegates who wish to learn of the commercial opportunities of how eID can enable secure commercial transactions. It is aimed at planning, strategy, and development personnel who have an influence on policy and the impact on governmental, citizen and business applications. If a commercial and business value of eID could be established, what opportunities are there for this unique and accredited form of identity to be exploited?

This seminar will focus on practical guidance to companies and government who are looking to take advantage of secure and accredited Identity, plus the opportunity to hear from and discuss with key representatives from Government, Suppliers and Users in a neutral forum. It will give attendees an overview of the key issues and decisions they will need in an appropriate and cost effective way for their business.

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