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Reports, research papers and presentations

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Listed below latest reports,research papers and presentations

Secure Cross Border Business in 2015 - The Challenges & Opportunities, December 2014 

This was a leading community event that enabled delegates to examine these issues in depth with thought-provoking panel discussions and networking with peers, tackling the key issues surrounding e-identity as a core enabler of today's personal, business and government processes, making it an invaluable and unique occasion.


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Feedback to Parliament and Internet Conference, UK IGF, 30 October 2014

The main messages from the UN IGF that BCS would like to bring to the attention of UK legislators, regulators and policy makers concerning internet governance can be viewed below.

Governance of Cybersecurity Workshop, UK IGF, 1 July 2014

The workshop was chaired by Dr Louise Bennett (BCS) and the panel consisted of Prof Ian Brown from Oxford Internet Institute, Christian de Larrinaga from Internet Society UK England and Andy Smith from BCS.

World Wide Web Consortium Workshop

Louise Bennett submitted a paper on behalf of BCS to the W3C workshop on developing Open Standards for identity and payments on the Internet. This was accepted and Louise spoke at the workshop.

BCS & EEMA UK Thought Leadership Seminar, November 2013

The seminar focused on practical guidance to companies and government who are looking to take advantage of secure and accredited Identity, plus the opportunity to hear from and discuss with key representatives from Government, Suppliers and Users in a neutral forum. It gave attendees an overview of the key issues and decisions they will need in an appropriate and cost effective way for their business.

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UN IGF, October 2013

BCS presented a workshop at the United Nations Identity Governance Forum. Both the slides and report from this event are here: This was a very productive discussion session with a number of issues around online identity being discussed and active involvement from those in attendance.

 IGF UK, September 2013

BCS presented a workshop on identity assurance at the Internet Governance Forum UK event. This workshop was a precursor to the UN IGF in October. The presentation was entitled Identity and Trust on the Internet and covered incentives to go online, trust and liability models for online identity and the value of identity.


InfoSec Europe, April 2013

IAWG spoke at InfoSec 2013 on three subjects related to identity assurance that are relevant to organisations, especially those that allow use of corporate machines to access the Internet, but also to individuals using both corporate and personal devices to access the Internet.

Digital Enterprise Europe, April 2013

BCS ran a workshop entitled: The identity needs of the digital economy.

Cloud Expo, January 2013

BCS presented a talk on the risks and issues of Cloud computing and the things to watch out for when considering using cloud services.


This research paper raises key questions for any individuals or organisations wishing to implement a BYOD policy.

Near Field Communication (NFC) Workshop held at BCS London on 27 February 2013

BCS Security Community of Expertise (SCoE) ran a closed workshop on the security issues associated with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. It took the form of a short presentation followed by facilitated discussions on specific issues.

UN IGF, November 2012

The meeting in Baku was the seventh IGF, each year the emphasis and themes are changed. This is the second IGF at which the BCS have run a workshop. This year the BCS workshop fed in to the Plenary session on Security, Openness and Privacy.

eIdentity Management Conference, June 2012

The conferenc aimed to tackle head-on the issues surrounding Identity Management as a core enabler of today's personal, business and government processes. 

Previous InfoSec presentations:

UN IGF, September 2011

EuroDig, May 2011