Security CoE

Security CoE

by Policyhubadmin

The aim of the Security Community of Expertise (SCoE) is to be a catalyst for change within the ICT and Information Security community.

The security community is diverse, and its influence wide-ranging, but its effectiveness can only be enhanced if it speaks with a single, authoritative voice on matters of importance to the citizen, business, commerce and government.

The success of the Security Community of Expertise lies in its ability to deliver this.

Principal aims of the Security Community of Expertise are to:

  • act as a source of professionally-recognised expertise in the security field, underpinning the outward-facing role of the BCS and providing a means of encouraging wider membership of the Institute;
  • provide a forum for Security professionals, where views may be exchanged and opinions aired, to the greater good of the industry;
  • improve the quality and professionalism of practitioners in the security specialist areas;
  • to encourage cooperation between the various players within the security specialisms; and to
  • contribute to the growth of BCS new products and services for members, related to the security specialisms.

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