Cyber to the Citizen

Cyber to the Citizen

by Policyhubadmin

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, has launched a new initiative - Cyber to the Citizen - to help people understand how to keep themselves safe online. The initiative is in conjunction with Get Safe Online.

In this initiative we are asking volunteers from the Institute’s expert IT membership to identify those communities and organisations in their local area that would benefit from practical advice and education demonstrating what they can do to stay safe online. The advice will include how to implement simple safeguards such as setting up and using PIN passwords and ensuring that software is kept up to date through automatic updates etc.

If you are a BCS member with Associate grade or above, you can register your interest in volunteering to go out into your local community, to help spread the word that it’s simple to be safe. Get Safe Online will provide you with ‘event in a box’ materials including leaflets, presentations, posters and interactive tools that you can use to educate your local community groups, schools and small businesses about the things they can do to stay safe online.

*Specifically concerning schools; Ideally, all BCS members visiting a school would be DBS checked, but practically, this will not be possible owing to cost and the timescales involved. The best policy is to clear the visit with the Head Teacher beforehand, making it clear what the context and format of the talk will be. Local Education Authorities (LEAs) have different rules, so this must always be done first.

  • If the presentation is to be in a school assembly or similar large group where there will be ample school staff present, a DBS check will probably not be necessary;
  • If the presentation is to smaller groups and the visitor is not DBS checked, they must be accompanied by a staff member AT ALL TIMES (even if the staff member has to slip out of the room to take a call or handle an emergency for 30 seconds). Some schools may agree to this format of presentation, others will not; it is down to the individual school. More information about Get Safe Online Register your details here Jeff Day gives his experiences of delivering the Cyber to the Ciitzen Initiative

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