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Posted by Policyhubadmin on 21 February 2017
by Policyhubadmin

Brexit potentially provides the UK with an incredible opportunity to create jobs, drive growth, create a fairer society, and position itself as a digital world leader, according to a new report by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

However, to ensure we reap the maximum benefit from our exit from the EU, the report highlights the need to make the right choices on major digital issues sooner rather than later. As part of this, BCS is calling for the urgent establishment of Royal Commission on personal data which will signal a desire for the UK to have an ambition to be a world leader in data protection and exploitation.

In addition, its report, Digital Brexit calls for


  • Digital capability: investment in our current and future workforce, along with academia and research, to match our digital ambitions;
  • Digital security: ensuring that the UK continues to be a leading safe, secure and attractive place to do business is dependent upon a Government commitment to continued cross-border co-operation on cyber security and the development of an integrated security strategy.
  • Digital connectivity: ensuring we develop a world-leading digital infrastructure that matches our ambitions in every sector through strategic cooperation on communications, regulation and pricing beyond Brexit.
David Evans, Director of Policy at BCS says: “Whilst much uncertainty remains around our eventual exit from the EU, there remain a number of clear and urgent objectives for UK government, business, the IT profession and wider society if we are not to miss our aspirations for a digital future for us all. Most of the issues are not new, but are heightened, more urgent or modified as a result of this decision.” 
Commenting, the Shadow Digital Minister, Louise Haigh MP said: 
" Britain's digital economy has to be at the forefront of Minister's minds as we enter negotiations and as this important report highlights fighting for data protection equivalence with EU regulations has to be a minimum goal."
"But as we leave the EU it is vital the Government is much more ambitious and acts to safeguard our digital future."
"They must set ambitious new targets for broadband including a commitment to universal superfast for everyone and we need to see government plans and carve-outs for the roll-out of 5G so we don't find ourselves in the European slow lane once again in the years to come."
"And with 12.6 million people in the UK lacking basic digital skills, they must also drive an urgent effort to drive up digital inclusion.  We need to push for as close as possible to 100% digital literacy so people of all ages can be ready to take advantage of the jobs of the future."
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