What are the implications of artificial intelligence?

Posted by Policyhubadmin on 27 July 2017

The Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence has published its call for evidence and invites submissions from all interested individuals and organisations.

The focus of the Committee's inquiry will include:

  • The current state of artificial intelligence.
  • The pace of technological change and the development of artificial intelligence
  • The impact of artificial intelligence on society
  • The public perception of artificial intelligence
  • The sectors most, and least likely, to benefit from artificial intelligence
  • The data-based monopolies of some large corporations
  • The ethical implications of artificial intelligence
  • The role of the Government and
  • The work of other countries or international organisations.

Help us shape our response by leaving your comments below or add to the google document here. To view the full inquiry please click here

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Wednesday, 30 August 2017


by Michael Curtis

I have spoken informally about the possibilities arising from the development of forms of AI in a number of places with non-technical people. There is very little understanding of the possibilities and implications. For example many people have heard of Stephen Hawking's misgivings, but they have no idea of where they come from or even what they are. More education is vital along with a concerted effort to get truth into the media and to act when they sensationalise and mislead.

by Michael Curtis

In a world where most research is done in the private sphere it is vital that governments act to make sure that developments are moved into the public realm as quickly as possible and used to benefit the many, not the few. Automation can easily lead to greater inequality and an increased concentration of wealth in a few hands leading almost to schism in the human race. There is a real prospect of a better world for everybody but for human greed left to itself in a laissez-faire economic system.

by Ian Tighe

There are huge implications for governance over decision making. The traceability of decisions will need detailed attention if we are to have accountability in the future. Example, It is very unclear how issues of say clinical negligence will be handled where AI has been deeply involved in decision making - whose decision was it?

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